What is the real size of Instagram thumbnail picture?

Instagram thumbnails are reduced-size representations of profile photos, and their dimensions are typically 161 x 161 pixels. Regardless of whether it's an image or a video, Instagram automatically generates a thumbnail that appears in your user profile. This scaled-down version provides a quick visual reference for your content within the platform.

Instagram doesn't provide specific dimensions for video thumbnails. However, Instagram generally generates automatic thumbnails from the video content you upload. These thumbnails are typically taken from a frame within the video. To optimize the appearance of your video on Instagram, you can ensure that the video's content is visually engaging from the start, as the thumbnail is often a still frame from the initial moments of the video.

How to use Insta Pic Resize Tool?

Click on the Browse button to upload your instagram picture file which you want to resize to the server.

Once uploaded, select the instagram profile size you exactly need from the options given on the site.

Click on DOWNLOAD button to download the resize insta pic for your dp.